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Sea Snax was born out of inspiration from our sister company, Sea Chips and the love our own dogs have for baked salmon skin as we do.
It made us think, why don't we give our dogs the same quality of foods we give ourselves, so we set about launching a human grade dog treat, suitable for senstive tummies, and so good that you can even eat them yourself.

    About Our Treats...

    Premium 100% human grade salmon skin treats. Inspired by our sister company Sea Chips, where we make flavoured salmon skin crisps, we launched Sea Snax to offer these delicious treats without the flavourings but the same level of care and quality. When we say human grade it's because unlike any other pet treat brand, we ask ourselves the question, "would we eat them?"

    High in omega 3, ideal for a glossy coat and cognitive function.

    Only 1 ingredient, grain free, gluten free, GM free and 62% single source high quality protein.

    Unlike the majority of premium pet treat brands, we lovingly produce ours in in our own state of the art facility in Cumbria. The only processor in the UK to hold the coveted "Best Aquaculture Practise" certification. You can rest assured we use the highest grade of salmon from local sources.

    As we always have, we pledge to donate portions of our profits to a variety of local, independent animal rescue shelters, to help them continue there amazing work to treat animals in need.

Handcrafted Human Grade Salmon Skin Dog Treats


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Say hello to Dan & Dom by emailing  dan@sea-snax.co.uk with any queries regarding stocking or queries about your furry friends!